Vintage Will Rogers Mantle Clock

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This vintage Will Rogers personality clock has all the charm of the man himself. It's a SURVIVOR!

Rogers was a true powerhouse of an entertainer - a star of stage and movies, a vaudevillian performer, a lecturer, a radio personality, a newspaper and magazine columnist, a radio broadcaster, a social critic and humorist, and he was an ACTUAL cowboy.

This clock features three of the most popular careers of that most multi-talented cowboy: humorist (center), radio (left) and movie (right).



Made from cast base metal, with a bronze finish, it remains in its original, unmodified state. It has not been painted or altered.

The cons: it has suffered some slight cracks on the bottom (see photos).

The clock mechanism has been glued in place, presumably due to an amateur repair job. The face is slightly askew, and cannot be straightened.
The front glass has scratches near the top (see last photo).

It CAN be heard running, but (as a PRO) is relatively quiet, and does not sound as if there is any problem with the mechanism (no grinding noise is heard, just a hum).

approximately 12.5" tall, 14" wide, 3" deep.

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