Late 30's Glass Slipper Deco

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This stunning art deco chandelier, in brown enamelled spelter, is just dripping with floral beauty and elegance. From top to bottom, it’s covered in flowers and rosettes, and is finished off with a bellflower bottom finial. The floral design is even continued on its five glass shades, which also carry the geometric designs, and brown embellishments!

The thoughtful convergence of geometric, manmade shapes with carefully controlled natural, organic forms makes this piece Unmistakably Art Deco! It would make a statement in just about any room.

Although the fixture measures a mere 18” diameter, and 20” height, its relatively slight stature belies its WOW factor. Finally, one interesting note: it has a turnkey switch on the bottom (see photos).

This fixture has been professionally restored and rewired by our licensed electrician (who is also our company owner), using new, U.L. approved devices.

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