We at C & C Mercantile & Lighting are known for our chandeliers. We're the area's best source of chandelier repair, cleaning, restoration, sales and sourcing. We buy too!

Our owner, Derek Simmons, is a licensed electrician, and an expert in wiring, welding, braising, cleaning, repairing and restoring old light fixtures, in a wide variety of metals, porcelain, ceramic, plastic, wood, and more. If he can't fix it, chances are, nobody can.

Many of our clients bring us chandeliers to alter them in one way or another. Sometimes, they want us to remove some of the crystals (called "undressing" the chandelier), to give them a lighter, more airy appearance. Sometimes, it's the opposite. We change the height of sockets, change the style of the "candle covers", and we've even painted a lot of chains to match them with clients' light fixtures.

We carry antique (pre-1920s) chandeliers that were originally candle fixtures and gas fixtures; this provides us the option to restore them as-is or electrify them.

We also keep in our inventory many vintage (1920s - 1990s) chandeliers, ranging in style from Art Deco, to Williamsburg, to Mid Century Modern and more.

Our new chandeliers are all handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces that we import from a small, artisan-based, (and family-owned) Italian company. They use the very best materials, including fine porcelain, crystal, and gold, and produce them in the old-world traditions.