Vintage Chandeliers

We have a huge selection of Vintage Chandeliers at C&C Mercantile.

Vintage chandeliers are so popular right now! Folks from all over the Ark-La-Tex come to us for vintage chandelier repair, cleaning, restoration, and sales. And even though we have pickers and suppliers of our own, sometimes we buy them from individuals too. Come see us!

"Vintage" is typically defined as 1920s - 1990s. That gives us about eighty years' worth of design choices! We carry chandeliers ranging in style from Art Deco, to Williamsburg, to Mid Century Modern and more.

Our owner, Derek, is a licensed electrician, and great at wiring, welding, braising, cleaning, repairing and restoring old light fixtures. He's skilled in working with a wide variety of metals, porcelain, ceramic, plastic, wood, and more. If he can't fix it, chances are, nobody can.