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Hallicrafters TW-2000 World-Wide Shortwave Tube Radio.

This unit DOES work. We're in Louisiana, and we were able to pick up broadcasts from Tennessee.

The selector knob works, but you cannot tell which band you are on. The indicator does not change from one selection to the next. This, as far as we can tell, is the only thing on the radio that does not work.

There is paint loss from normal use around the tuning knob. There are scratches and scuffs on the exterior of the case, in normal wear areas, such as the corners and bottom.

All knobs, switches, buttons, plus the handle and the telescopic antenna are original and in working order.

The antenna is strait and fully functional, and extends all the way (which might be hard to see in the photo). All buttons work.

This is a vintage item, and is therefore SOLD AS IS, all sales are final.

Serial number D-883220

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